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Wild Recovery
San Jose, California
November 5th, 2011
Pacheco State Park

San Benito County
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Pacheco State Park
November 5th, 2011

The Place

Trail Through the Dried Grassy Meadow to the Oaks

Pacheco State Park   is famed for its sweeping panoramas of mostly undeveloped grasslands and oak woodlands. Its location atop the Diablo Mountain Range provides impressive vistas in all directions. The 1,927 foot Spike’s Peak offers a 360-degree view of San Luis Reservoir, the Central Valley and the Coast Mountain Range. Grasslands, woodlands, ponds and natural springs provide seasonal interest. Summer and autumn grasses turn gold, while spring rains bring bursts of wildflower colors. Frequent strong winds have sculpted the old oaks into striking windswept forms.

Trail in Dried Grassy Meadow With View of Hills Over the Crest

The park’s native perennial grasses include one-sided bluegrass, purple needlegrass and wild rye grasses. Carpeting the hills in spring are such wildflowers as butter-n-eggs, yellow violets, shooting star, popcorn flower, larkspur and California poppy. A variety of wild animals calls the park home. Tule deer, deer, bobcats, coyotes and foxes roam the slopes, while golden eagles and several species of hawks soar above the treetops. During the wet months there are an abundance of salamanders on the trail so watch where you step. I even saw a California condor on the scout!

Pond Formed at the Base of Hills

Walking the Walk

Level 2.5 - Miles 8.5 - Elevation 1000' - Host Anna J. - (408) 806-7675
Our hike will be a combination of flatish meandering trails and heart pounding climbs. We begin our trek along Spikes Peak trail and immediately start our climb to the 1,927 foot peak. From there be sure to take in the sights as you meander down toward the Canyon Loop trail. Take the Canyon Loop Trail to the junction of Canyon Loop, Pigs Pond and Dinosaur Lake trails where we will have lunch and our meeting. This is our halfway point. After lunch and meeting, we will retake the elevation lost and head back to the parking area via Dinosaur Lake trail. Along this trail we will take in the impressive sight of the wind mills that line the east hills.

View Across the Oak Studded Meadows with the Wind Generators on the Ridgeline


From San Jose: Take Hwy 101 South through Morgan Hill into Gilroy. Exit CA 152 East (not West), turn left. Turn right at the T and continue past Casa de Fruit (do not head toward Hollister) and up the incline. Once you reach the top keep aware and look for Dinosaur Point Rd on the right hand side. Follow Dinosaur Point Rd into the park. Parking is self serve so bring cash.Parking is $5.
Travel time from San Jose: 1 hour 15 minutes.

View Down on Lake

Know Before You Go:

Parking $5.00:
No Dogs Allowed on Trails
The park is open space; meaning there is little shelter. The winds here are extreme. We will be hiking in the Fall so dress in layers. Remember that Wild Recovery hikes occur in rain or shine. Bring sunscreen, a hat, gloves, etc. Don’t forget plenty of water, lunch and something to sit on.

Looking Down Tree Covered Hill at San Luis Reservoir

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Wild Recovery Meetings | What to Wear & Bring | Trail Maps/ Park Info | Contact Us
What is Wild Recovery? | NA Online Resources | Business & Documents