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Wild Recovery
San Jose, California
August 27, 2011
Tomales Point-Tomales Bluff
Marin County
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Tomales Point-Tomales Bluff
August 27, 2011
10:00 AM

The Place

When you cross Inverness Ridge toward the Point Reyes headlands, you leave the pine forest behind and enter the stark beauty of the coastal grasslands, dotted with cattle and scattered with ranches. The narrow, windswept sliver of Point Reyes National Seashore ending at Tomales Point has just one main trail, which rolls gently for just under five miles. Along the way you'll see the ragged coastline and roving tule elk herds that make this the essential northern California coastal hike. While seabirds and sea breezes complement your Tomales Trail experience, the tule elk are the main attraction. Every year during late summer and early autumn the bulls use their giant racks of antlers to battle it out and build harems of females to mate with. The "rut," as the mating season is called, features fierce combat and the piercing, high-pitched bugling of bulls declaring their dominance (or challenging another bull's).

Trail High Above The Coast Looking Out To The Point

Walking the Walk

We will meet at Pierce Point Ranch, a dairy farm from the 1800's. We will take the Tomales Point trail following the low lying unjulating hills to our meeting site. Along the way we will see sprawling ocean views, and 100s of tule Elk.
Between July- Sept. is the Tule Elk Rut Season.
Elk are massive, dangerous wild animals; never try to get close to one. Human hide is no match for bull elk antlers; an unfortunate few have been fatally gored.
Binoculers and cameras are a must.

Level 3 - Miles 9.4 - Elevation 500'          Host: Joseph R. (925) 330-7220

Couple Of Tule Bull Elks


From San Jose take 880 North Towards Oakland.Slight right onto I-580 W.Take exit 1A to merge onto US-101 N. go 1.1 miles to exit 452 Central San Rafael.289 feet merge onto Irwin St. turn left on 3rd. street. 0.9 continue onto 2nd. street.0.2 slight right onto 4th street. 0.6 continue onto Red Hill Ave. 0.5 miles slight right onto Sir Frances Drake Blvd. in 16.9 miles turn right at "T" to Sir Frances Drake Blvd./Ca-1 North in 2 miles leave CA-1 taking a left to stay on Sir Frances Drake Blvd. Heading to Inverness 6.4 miles to Pierce point Rd. 9 miles to Pierce Point Ranch.

Drive Time: 2 hour 15 Minutes

Ranch House White Picket Fenced

Know Before You Go:

Parking Free
Dogs are NOT allowed in The National Seashore
Restrooms at The Parking Lot
Fog is common this time of year Plan accordingly and dress in layers especially a wind-breaker.
Bring sun screen, there's no shade on this hike,Water and snacks.

Satellite View of Pierce Point Rench and Tomales Point:    Click Here
Video of Tomales Point Trail     Click Here

Wild Recovery Meetings | What to Wear & Bring | Trail Maps/ Park Info | Contact Us
What is Wild Recovery? | NA Online Resources | Business & Documents