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Wild Recovery
San Jose, California
September 19, 2015
Point Lobos State Marnie Reserve
Monterey County
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Point Lobos Marine Reserve
September 19, 2015
Host: Gary S

The Place

One of my favorite places to hike along the coast with such magnificent views, accompanied with the sounds, power and energy of the ocean. The Monterrey Pines & wind blown Cypress trees are spectacular. How good can it possibly get?! From 1861 until 1890, when it was turned into The Point Lobos Marine Reserve, this area was rich in whaling, & abalone fishing. If you'd like more on the history, check out

Walking the Walk

Level: 2 - Miles: 6.5 - Elevation: 700'

We will start our hike just outside of the park at the intersection of Highway 1, and the park entrance road. This is because there is ample parking along Highway 1, and saves an $8.00 parking fee. We will walk in past the ranger check in booth, and hang a right onto Carmelo Meadow trail. When we hit the ocean, we'll go right on Granite Point trail, then double back through Whalers cove. When we get to the Whalers Cove parking area with restrooms, we'll begin the North Shore Trail, and continue on through the south Shore Trail. Along the way we will take a few loops out to some points with great views. Finally winding up at Gibson Beach, where we will have our meeting. As is customary, simply follow the excellent arrows for directions.

Know Before You Go

Drive time is 1 Hour 30 Minutes from San Jose– Parking $8 or free outside Sorry No Dogs – Weather conditions can change quickly. The meeting site is on an unprotected beach and may be windy. Dress warmly and in layers.

Hike start time promptly at 10am


From San Jose take Hwy 101 South for approx 45 miles to CA 156 West Monterey Peninsula exit. Take Hwy 156 West for 6.5 miles to CA Hwy 1 South. Take CA Hwy 1 South for 20 miles to Point Lobos. Park entrance on right 3 miles south of Carmel. However it's best to park outside the park on either side of Highway 1 for this hikes starting point.

Drive time: 1.5 hours - Parking Free on Hwy 1 or 8$ in park - No Dogs allowed

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